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Discover Earth is one of the largest adventure pages on Instagram & Facebook (2.8M followers) based in Switzerland. Our primary goal is to discover beautiful places on earth and share experiences through our lenses via photographs and videos. It also advocates ways of preserving the nature and encourages the audience to develop an eco-friendly consciousness wherever they travel. Discover Earth is the living proof that if passion of communication merges with love for nature, adventure, photography and film-making, success arises. As an agency we create and share valuable content for our audience and our clients. All our content is based on the values of beauty, nature, respect, responsibility and purity.

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2.8 Million Followers

Followers from 150 countries

Since 2013 

Our latest collaboration

We are happy to announce our new collaboration with @antoinejans, a multi-talented Swiss content creator with whom we would be discovering other beautiful places/sites this year. Stay tuned to our exclusive #DiscoverEarth content!

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